Wood Carving

God, wood carving

Classic woodcarving – where the master uses chisels and his skill.

Figurehead Poseidon Wood carving Woodcraft​​​ Woodworking Dzoz Vladyslav

Modern wood carving – is much more difficult and requires more knowledge to create artwork. The master must possess the skill of classical carving and the skills of finishing wood in order to preserve the work of art that he has created for a long time. Then the master takes a tablet with a brush WACOM and in the ZBrush program makes a volumetric 3D model of a sculpture or painting. Then he brings the model to perfection in programs 3DMax and Rhino. Then he transfers the model to the programs SurfMill, Autodesk PowerMill Ultimate, Autodesk ArtCAM… Then comes the painstaking work on the CNC. Then, in the classical way of carving and grinding, he brings the sculpture and painting to perfection. Finishes his artwork using the best paints and varnishes and oils in the world, created over the centuries by the best painters.
Completes his work of art.